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Welcome to The Electronic Garden, purveyors of curious sounds for curious musicians.

UPDATE 7/6/2013: New to The Garden: Step by step synthesis tutorials. First up: PPG's Wavegenerator...step right this way!

UPDATE 6/9/2011: The Electronic Garden follow up their popular ARP Collection with a cornucopia of chaos, courtesy of the legendary VCS3 synthesizer. Download some free samples and patches and take a listen to Scot's "Sticks and Stoners" to hear it in action. After all, every desktop needs a Synthi!

Joystick Journeys: The VCS3 Collection for Kontakt 2 and later, and Reason 4 and later
Degenerator - Rusted rhythms for post-apocalyptic hymnals... ARP Collection - All-out analog authenticity